Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Fall Wedding Mural

Been a few days since I posted anything,.

I thought I’d throw together a really rough cut of the pumpkin patch mural I did for a wedding. So many times I get asked to do a murals and I have to explain the work involved. The reason I need this much time to finish it,.. this much payment for labor and materials etc,....

So when I decided to do this one I thought what a perfect opportunity to film and document the process. To showcase what I can do with allotted time,..Something to show prospective clients....

Sure, it’s super fun but still a little bit of work too :)



  1. Amazing work, Dan. In 100 years I'll be able to say "I used to drink beer with Kyle!" (you'll only need one name by then)

  2. Now,. Now.. Arne....I just hope in a 100 years we're still drinking beer!
    but thanks...

    "Kyle"... I like it