Monday, November 23, 2009

Extension practice,..and fun!

A couple of quick matte sketches I did for practice....


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Fall Wedding Mural

Been a few days since I posted anything,.

I thought I’d throw together a really rough cut of the pumpkin patch mural I did for a wedding. So many times I get asked to do a murals and I have to explain the work involved. The reason I need this much time to finish it,.. this much payment for labor and materials etc,....

So when I decided to do this one I thought what a perfect opportunity to film and document the process. To showcase what I can do with allotted time,..Something to show prospective clients....

Sure, it’s super fun but still a little bit of work too :)


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Phase Two

So here is phase two,..went out took a few photos around the Milwaukee area..

I then threw together a photoshop file to create the back ground plate. I will be doing some close-up tombstones for Becca to walk between,..hopefully place her in the environment further. Still tweaking it together,.. bit dark yet, but there will be secondary light source bouncing off a thicker fog in the background and below her, also light on the porch and within the house. (she does turn around suddnly for a reason)...Next comes atmospheric perspective, tree movement, cloud movement, leaves falling, ground fog and animated lighting, fun



Thursday, November 5, 2009

The ghost

Alright so I took an hour break and decided to just play around with some effects for my ghosts. I know I know,..really cheesy. But it’s only a quick test. Just trying to get a good handle on the particle effects direction and work out the color schemes. I also went out and photographed some really great tombs stones from the Forest Home Cemetery today. I’m working on the back ground painting now,..I’ll post it later


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Final Project step #1

I wanted to start blogging out this project I’m doing, step by step,..week by week. A project for class,..thought it would be cool to post the progress,... see where it goes.

Some production compositing . Basically all we have to do is film & separate elements, footage and incorporate it into one shot as realistically as a beginner possible!

So here is my first fore ground plate. Rebecca walking in front of the green screen, quick garbage mask,..all de-interlaced and keyed out pretty well,.. not a lot of spill light or secondary green reflection. There is some masking yet to do around her feet that I’m tending to now.

I used a photoshopped picture of our house as a proxy for the time being. It has the color values and saturation I will be going for later. I'll be shooting more footage and pictures for the back ground plates later,..but it is similar to this,....... looking at doing a mansion in our neighborhood,..should be cool,..

Next step is the back ground and color correction and any other elements that will be incorporated in the composite,..see you next week!