Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Almost Planet

Some more Photoshop painting :)


  1. Wow your stuff is looking awesome, Daniel. The planet is fantastic, and the matte sketches are incredible. I particularly love the Slavic looking town on the hill overlooking the mountain range. To answer your question, I use Photoshop, but on the rare occasion I'll slap something down in Corel Painter Essentials and finish in Photoshop.
    P.S. Sorry if you got this comment twice. I thought I posted it yesterday but it appears to have vanished?

  2. Hey thanks Chad,
    Means a lot coming from you...your work is awesome!..& it has something special about it,..I feel your fine arts uniquely comes through in your digital work...more so then a lot of artist you see on the web...I particularly like the the dead sea monster on the shore ...that one is just ridiculous :)
    I figured photoshop was the case....thanks man!
    & Keep up the good work!!!